Retrograde planets in astrology

Before talking about retrograde planet,we will talk about what is retrogression ,retrogression is a state in which planet is so closed to earth,it feels like planet is going away from earth, we can assume this by say ,two car is moving ahed in same direction and one car is moving at 60km/h and other car is moving at 20km/h parallel so what we see that the other car is going backwards but in actually it moving ahed ,but it feels like it is going backward,so we could explain it by relative motion the retrograde state,retrograde doesn’t mean reversal ,it feels like reversal.

In Astrology, chart of an individual are significantly affected by the spin and movement of the planets. Most often, the planets rotate on their forward path.Then there’s a brief period, called the stationary period, when the planets slow and appear to have stopped moving altogether.
Having a stationary planet in your chart is generally quite fortunate. Stationary planets emphasize the planetary influence
From the earth perspective, planets appear to be moving backwards after resting in a stationary position. This celestial phenomenon for astrologers means that the planet is in retrograde.
Planets in retrograde can have an reverse effect on the world, sometimes reversing situations and changing our feelings and regular activities. A planet’s retrograde influence upon an individual’s aggression,emotional or physical communication.

we could say retrograde planet is more focus inwardly ,very powerful because of it’s ability slowly progressing ,that’s why we can say slow moving planet like Saturn and jupitar when retrograde are so powerful because they get “chesta bal” out of general we can say a person’s prosperity,his identity,his higher self,his purpose comes late in life especially after 30’s , because he confront lot of confusion,doubts himself,disruptions,setbacks,obstruction,reality,hayway,haywire and heaviness so thinking why this happens simply to teach the realities of life and to learn the higher truth and belief ,actually retrograde planet is good for spiritual growth especially jupitar retrograde is best for spirituality,in case if we think about jupitar retrogression ,person wil be confused about his dharma ,he feel like whether it is right path or wrong path he always feels like that ,search here and there collect lot of wrong information and knowledge from here and there ,in other hand Saturn retrogression could give earlier responsibility in life a lot of karmik thing on every action he performed.

In other words we can say if the planet is not following the path of Sun then It is said to be retrograde,what is Sun in astrology spirituality,confidance,soul,personality so if planet is not following the sun path then then he will losing it’s track of being spiritual,confidant,he will doubt all the things and will not get sun’s proper light to get attached from his soul,more often than not,it has been observed that the person detached from himself in case of more and more planet retrograde in his chart.retrograde planets have connection with past life and karmic things ,whatever happens to that person in retrogression phase or dasha person feel heavy karmic backlog,heaviness in that period like Past life connections,person meet suddenly to stranger and get familiar with him in retrogression period.

In retrogression period person accumulate a lot of pending karma due to retrogression,it has been seen so many times that person stores a lot of karma during retrogression phase and think it over while it is stationary and act upon it when it is in direct motion ,so in this way we could say person should store lot of good karma during planet retrogression and execute it when planet is in direct motion . retrograde planet means it’s been teaching and pushing us for something right we must know so we should learn from it .

We can conclude that retrograde planets gives result but with hurdles,setbacks,confusion and delay.and always remember situation feels like reverse but it’s all illusion not real,not true and we should understand it that it’s not for always it’s for sometime to make us feel some aspect of life that not everything is as smooth as it feels like,we should look into our innerself our higher beliefs,identify ourselves. If the delay is happening let it be,if confusion is there then don’t worry ,if too much thought processing then so be it .


Sun and moon are never get retrograde .they are known as luminaries.
Rahu and ketu are always retrograde ,that is why they are known as karmik planet related to past life .
A lot of new thing come as a surprise in planaetery retrograde phase.
So don’t be bother of illusion,try to observe and realize optimistically ,every event and happening have hidden purpose.
Be aware of identity crisis,try to know yourself,identify yourself ,find the real purpose which is higher than materialistic world

Planets retrograde

Mercury– In Mercury retrograde period person face lot of communication issue,a lot of disputes,conflicts among the people ,document issue,visa issue ,electronic gadget issue like laptop and mobile phone ,person speech go hayway,person should aware of dealing with documents ,before signing contracts and agreements, slip of tongue,multi tasking ,printing mistake,typo error .A lot fluctuation in the stock market are generally seen in mercury retrograde period.

A heavy exchange of thoughts messaging,argument,speech,chat can often be seen in mercury retro phase,conflicts ,argument through speech and communication, person should be take care before buying electronic gadget,a person find lot of new friends and new people in mercury retrograde think twice and many many more before you speak,communicate,signs a document ,patience while applying for visa,have patience if you have invested in stock market.

Venus-In Venus retrograde person face relationship issue,this is the time for person to reevaluate that what does he want he want in relationship ,beauty,financial issues,person is confused in what he want in relationship ,in venus retrograde person find their ex partner back in their life ,person tends to think and focus on money matters,he doubts a lot as far as money,relationship,business are concerned he may involve in disputes,conflicts and emotional issue with partner ,person may doubts their beauty .

person often withdraw from their relationship ,on top of that some financial crunch would be there ,in natal chart if venus is retrograde ,Iin relationship a person will never be able to feel the satisfied relationship and unable to find proper relationship so do not expect so much love,kind of detached from relationship ,he will be having all the money,luxury and comfort but he will always get confused,doubtful regarding these aspect.

Mars-Mars is the planet of fight,aggression,desire,commitment,will power,war,weapon,ammunition, so when mars retrograde it causes anger ,lots of frustration because of delaying the things,person takes lot of actions or no action, person get irritated,inner conflicts,disputes ,fights,sudden burst of adrenaline,a lot of planning over very few actions,person behaves in unusual way ,so it’s better to have regular exercise, anger management and try to make commitment for those having retro mars period or who have mars retrograde in natal chart,try to ignore debt,fight,hostility in mars retrogression period.

Jupitar-jupitar is religion,family,wealth,teacher,luck,spirituality,knowledge,wisdom so when jupitar is retrograde person get confused for his religious,beliefs,question his own religion, he does not able to find the right path and make so many beliefs that this is right ,this is wrong ,a lot of confusion regarding religion and right path ,bad relation with teacher ,teacher are not respected by him or vice versa,problem in getting education,breaks in education,if jupitar is retro in natal chart person prosper far from native place ,

it’s been observed that if person goes outside of his native place he prosper more and when he come back ,he faces hurdles,setbacks and problems.however,the retrograde jupitar effects till 30 to 36 years of native life and after that age period person starts to belief in his religion and find appropriate path in life to get wisdom.person is advised to grab as much knowledge as possible in this phase andperson should not worry for delaying the relevant karakattwa like education,beliefs,spirituality,religion. But one belief for retrograde jupitar is that it is good for spiritual progress later in life .

Saturn– Saturn is karmadhipati, it represent our hard work ,efforts,status,job,mass,delay,setbacks so person face lots of responsibility earlier in life ,person face too much work pressure,due to this persons limit himself as a result lots of delay regarding work related thing person will have conflicts with the authorities ,retrograde Saturn has a lot of karmik influence on person ,person find people in Saturn retrograde period having strong connection with past life because of karmic debt from past life ,in Saturn retrograde phase person face lots of responsibility and at the same time he avoids the responsibility and behave like an immature ,person dedication to work is not as smooth as direct Saturn .

person face a lot of limitation,’s been seen that person take a lot of unnecessary responsibility in Saturn retrograde period because of karmik influence from’s better in saturn retrograde phase to look into what we have done in past and reorganize the things in order ,we should learn from past mistakes ans store good karma in this period,person is not advised to do any new thing ,promise in Saturn retrograde period.saturn is the planet of boundaries person should understand the boundaries laid down by Saturn ,a lot of bad things Saturn emanate in retrograde period to protect us .

past life and retrogression

Mercury-Mercury retro means u may have given provoking or wrong speech as a result people feel bad or something bad happened because of your communication in past life,your communication might have done turmoil among the people,so that is why you got mercury retrograde to make you feel ,you will think a lot before saying anything,you will be afraid before saying anything ,your intelligence and logic will always fear you of these things ,so you should believe in your intelligence and practice more and more in public and groups in good manner .

Venus –venus retrograde means you have cheated on in relations,you would have certainly done wrong in love affairs and matter,you would have lots of love affairs and intimate relationship in past life ,that is why retrograde venus cause you difficulty in connecting with your soul mate,it will never let you satisfied out of relationship and your desire will never be fulfilled as a result difficulty in healthy and productive relationship ,so all you need to think of various and multiple aspects of relationship and learn to reciprocate in relationship i.e what you expect and what are you giving back.

Mars –In past person would have involved in fights,disputes,conflicts,bloodsheds in harsh and bad manner,a lot of anger problems you may have in past life ,you would have been so harsh,so you better manage your anger ,and exercise regularly.

Jupitar –person would have disbelief in religion ,spirituality,he may have leaded or shown wrong path to people ,he would have spreaded a lot of false belief,fake things related to religion so in this life jupitar cause you lot of spiritual blockages ,you will always be confused in religious matter ,won’t be able to find the correct path to enlighten yourself .

Saturn –it means that you have done a lot of wrong karma in your past life,you would have troubled the lower people of society,labour,servant, that is why retrograde Saturn cause you problems with authority ,a lot of work pressure ,limit youself ,bless you with immaturity and fear and early responsibility.

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