Zodiac signs in astrology

Aries: Represented by the Ram. Aries is reactive, energetic,fast,bold,blunt,sharp,impatient,restless and enthusiastic. Bold and passionate, They do not let their voices get drowned. Their heart is fiery and they are often brilliant leaders, leading with determination.they are pioneers and motivate other by their enthusiasm.they are straight forward personalities,they are not hesitant to take actions,they have fighting skills,they live in present ,not in past and future .due to their firey nature they are courageous.they don’t like things to be done half ,they will like to do with full dedication they are risk takers and always like challenges.

Nature-Firey,Movable,hot and dry,masculine

Kaal purush kundli– First house- self, physical personality,life path,life purpose,head

Ruler- Mars – will power,desire,physical strength,courage,determination,fighting skills,blood ,anger,soldier,weapons,injury,accident,cut,surgery

Constellation– Ashwini(ketu),bharini(venus),kritika(sun)

Taurus: Represented by the Bull. Down-to-earth, strong-willed, gentle. Taurus can be very stubborn when they want to be. Likes comfort and material stability. Does not like to be rushed into making choices or actions.it is very hard to change the decision of Taurus people.they are very tolerant people.they are very reliable ,keep their promise ,stick to their belief.they are highly resist to big changes,practical grounded,materialistic,and romantic in nature .

Nature-Earthy,fixed,cold and dry,feminine

Kaal purush kundli- Second house- Money,family,primary education,food ,food habits,speech,right eye,face,mouth,fixed assets

Ruler-Venus- Luxury,comfort,wealth,cinema,art,music,entertainment,female,relationship,lust,sperm,cosmetics,hormones.


Gemini: Represented by the Twins. Gemini is imaginative, lighthearted, and often silly. Their attitudes and ideas can shift quickly, making them appear indecisive or flighty. Curious folks who has a need to satisfy the mind.instability and variability are their main traits also some nervous energy can be seen surround Gemini.they can be successful in communication ,media,journalism,writing,agents.they are kind of funny and friendly .

Nature-Airy,Dual,hot and moist,masculine

Kaal purush kundli– Third house-Communication,speech,marketing,media,journalism,courage,skills,hands,shoulder,nervous system,chest,lungs,short travelling,document,visa,neighbor,sales,marketing

Ruler-Mercury-intelligence,communication,business,sales,marketing,analytical skills,mathematics,knowledge,journalism,media,printing,writing.

Constellation –Mrigashira(mars),ardra(rahu),punarvasu(jupitar)

Cancer: Represented by the Crab. Sensitive,moody, emotional, and nurturing. Cancer is a protective sign. Known to be loyal to who they love, Cancers are intuitive and personal. They can be defensive and moody at times,due to their sensitive nature others like to share secret with them .they could be eaily hurt by any inappropriate remark.they are very emotionally connected people,they need love and time from others

Nature-watery,movable,cold and moist,feminine

Kaal purush kundli-Fourth house- Home,peace,happiness,mother,land,education,heart,property,house,building,vehicle

Ruler-Moon- Mind,emotions,intuition,liquid,water,business,milk,garments,,lust,psychic ability,breast,water in the body.

Constellation –punarvasu(jupitar),pushya(saturn),ashlesha(mercury)

Leo: Represented by the Lion. Leo is vibrant, bold, and entertaining. They are often very dramatic, expressive, and loves attention. Commonly stereotyped to be attention-seeking and egoistical, but Leo has a great big heart.leo’s biggest asset is also their biggest weakness is their heart the best quality about leo is the more they know anybody the more they can predict and react to every move and action.they are smart enough ,not wasting their energy in useless thing,they have very big heart,very lovable ,charming ,creative,skilful.they like to be independent and want to be admired.

Nature-firey,fixed,hot and dry,masculine

Kaal purush kundli-Fifth house- Creativity,self expression,wisdom,astrology,mantra,love,skills,art music and cinematic skills,sports,drama,stages,speculation,entertainment,hobby,child,lottery,abdomen,liver,gall bladder.

Ruler-Sun-Authority,leadership,ego,pride,confidance,spirituality,government,light,soul significator,king,father,govt job.

Constellation-Magha(ketu),purva phalguni(venus),uttar phalguni(sun)

Virgo: Represented by the Maiden. Virgo is reserved, observant, and detail-oriented. Organized and can be seen as nit-picky or fussy by others. They are patiently adaptive and is levelheaded. Sensitive to external environment.they are reliable and accurate ,diligent ,attentive,perfectionist,picky,argumentative.

Nature-Earthy,dual,cold and dry,feminine

Kaal purush kundli-Six house- debt,disease,enemies,day to day activity,intestine,job,digestion

Constellation-uttar phalguni(sun),hasta(moon),chitra(mars)

Libra: Represented by the Scale. Libra appears peaceful, gentle, and fair. They are artful folks who are attracted to aesthetics and beauty. Libra is sociable and active. Diplomatic and does not like conflict, but they are often great leaders.they are mainly interested in balance and harmony ,they are often dissatisfied because of their uncertainty.they can be good lawyer and analyst.they get nervous by putting pressure on them winter are cold and summer are hot for them.they face bit problems in relationships because of their sensitive nature .they like fashion,beauty business .

Nature-Airy,movable,hot and moist,masculine

Kaal purush kundli– Seventh house-Business,relationship,partnership,spouse,customer,aggrement,kidney,bladder

Constellation –Chitra(mars),swati(rahu),vishakha(sun)

Scorpio: Represented by the Scorpion. Scorpios are intense, dedicated, and fixative. Closed off and watchful at first, but in comfort they are loving, committed, and selfless. Scorpio can be vengeful and grudge-holding if betrayed.they are emotional and take thing seriously,they don’t need anybody praise them,they are not easy to get on them ,they are not melt down by compliment. they never forget their enemy,they are loyal friends and great sacrificiers ,they resist to change ,highly transformative,highly resist to change, only transformation change them,they also live with fear ,proud and mysterious,interested in occult ,secrecy and mystery.

Nature-watery,fixed,cold and moist,feminine

Kaal purush kundli- Eight house- Hidden knowledge,occult,astrology,inheritance,insurance,death,transformation,genitals

Constellation – vishakha(sun),anuradha(saturn),jyestha(mercury)

Sagittarius: Represented by the Archer. Sagittarius is free-spirited, adventurous, and honest. They are known for their biting honesty and their bluntness. Wise and open-minded, Sagittarius are young at heart and born travelers.they are straight forward ,blunt idealistic ,enthusiastic and risk takers.

Nature-firey,dual,hot and dry,masculine

Kaal purush-Ninth house –Dharma,Long distance travelling,higher education,father,thigh,religious place

Constellation– Moola(ketu),purva ashada(venus),uttar ashada(sun)

Capricorn: Represented by the Goat. Capricorn is steady, goal-oriented, and ambitious. They are competent and always “has their eye on the prize.” Capricorns are patient, wise, and can be uptight in their desire to reach their goals.capricorns are status oriented ,self discipline,they are independent and handle a difficult situation.

Nature-earthy,movable,cold and dry,feminine

Kaal purush kundli-Tenth house-Job,status,fame,politics,knees,mass

Constellation– uttar ashada(sun),shravana(moon),dhanishta(mars)

Aquarius: Represented by the Water Bearer. Aquarius is unique,inborn scientist individualistic, active,science and technology lover,space and universe,large network organisation and enigmatic. They are trailblazers and free thinkers; highly values freedom and intellect. Has an air of rebellion to them.they are great visionaries and dreamers.a lot scientist we could see as aquarius ascendant .they won’t judge you by your first impression.they live in the sky,they don’t like to be in commitment,Aquarians attracted by mysteries,they lack permanent feelings.

Nature-airy,fixed,hot and moist,masculine

Kaal purush kundli-Eleventh house-Gains,large network circles,organization,friends,legs

Constellation– Dhanishta(mars),shatabisha(rahu),purva bhadrapada(jupitar)

Pisces: Represented by the Fish. Pisces are dreamy, sensitive ,emotional, and imaginative. They live in their heads as daydreaming and idealistic folks. Often artistic and romantic. Pisces are intuitive and deep, philosophical thinkers.the world is endless ocean for them.they are kind of intuitive,spiritualistic,like to be in isolation.their career could be musician,photographer,actress/actor,writer,secret agent,working with animals,psychic healers,social worker,and artist.

Nature-watery,dual,cold and moist,feminine

Kaal purush kundli-Twelth house-Spirituality,feet,foreign,isolation,imagination,sub conscious mind,jails

Constellation– poorva bhadrapada(jupitar),uttar bhadrapada(saturn),revati(mercury)

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