Karaka bhava nasha in astrology

In astrology every planet is the karaka of each house in horoscope ,so according to the karaka bhav nasha ,the planet is sitting in the bhava it is karaka of, planet gets too much strength on that particular house it is karaka of so because of getting too much strength it is being said it destroys the result of that house in which it sits ,like venus is tha karaka of seventh house so according to karaka bhava nasha venus destroy karakattwa of of seventh house like marriage ,relationship , likewise moon is the karaka of fourth house so it destroys fourth house aspect like happiness ,home environment and mother .

The house and their karaka planets

First house– Sun

Second house-Jupitar

Third house-Mars and mercury

Fourth house– Moon

Fifth house– Jupitar

Sixth house-Mars and Saturn

Seventh house-Venus

Eight house– Saturn

Ninth house– Jupitar

Tenth house– Sun-Mercury-Jupitar-Saturn

Eleventh house- Jupitar

Twelth house– Saturn

So say Sun in first house and it’s karaka of first house ,it could give a person very high confidance so that person could face some problems because of his overconfidence,authoritative nature,being independent,ego ,but the thing is that these factor really affect the native ,not really we should check Sun lordship of the horoscope and the sign in which it sits,suppose Sun is in aries in first house being lord of fifth house ,so it will give a person creativity,skills,loving nature,ego,confidance but person will execute it in a right way, so I want to say that we should check the strength of planet and how much happy the planet is being in that house,always check friendly signs ,mool trikone sign of the planet to see the how much it’s has been destroying it’s signification, no doubt that planet gets huge strength in the house it is karaka of ,to see negative or positive behavior of planet we should check it’s dignity.

Say Jupitar is in fifth house of a horoscope ,so it should be interpreted as ,it would give problems in child birth and education ,but what is should suppose to give here will be decided by how much happy or sad the planet is in that house,planet is extremely happy in it’s exalted sign i.e. Cancer for Jupitar,Sagittarius it’s mool trikone sign,pisces it’s own sign and other friendly sign as Sun ,moon,mars sign but we will also see those planets dignity in the horoscope. However suppose Jupitar is sits in it’s debilitation sign then it doesn’t mean that it will create issue regard to karakattwa of those houses,because the nature of Jupitar is soft it’s a benefic planet ,it could still give the good result if supported by it’s despositor and other benefic planets.but the probability of karaka bhava nasha is more in this case.

Say Mars is in cancer in sixth house ,so here mars is in debilitation give more problems related to health,debt and enemies,person lose his strength to fight against his enemy and in other case if mars is in Capricorn in it’s exaltation would gets too much power and strength as per karaka bhav nasha application so person get extreme amount of strength and energy to destroy and overcome his enemy but moreover person will get so much strength that he would harm him self . so more the malefic planet is sitting in it’s karak house with bad dignity more harmful it would be for a person.

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