Vipreet Raj yoga in astrology

wat do we understand by vipreet raj yoga ,vipareet means obstacles and hurdles so this raj yoga defines how person win over his struggles ,obstacles and hurdles .u can simply understand by mathematics concept as negative and negative equals to positive .

Though sage parasara din’t describe good result of malefic house lord in malefic house, he did not term it as rajyoga but in later centuries sage like varamihra and kalidas in uttarkalmrita termed it as rajyoga .
According to the sages if 6th ,8th ,12th lord occupying wither 6th or 8th or 12th or anyhow connected with these houses person will enjoy kingly status and abundance of wealth ,name and fame .
Now see the classification of yogas


when 6th house lord placed in 8th or 12th houses then this yoga is known as harsha yoga .
The person with harsha yoga have fortunate, strong will to overcome his enemies ,he will be afraid to commit bad deeds and he will manage to earn wealth ,name and fame .


when 8th house lord placed in 6th or 12th house then sarala yoga is formed .
Person with sarala yoga person will be long lived and somehow manage to resist fear ,sudden ups and downs .


when 12th house lord placed in 6th or 8th house then this yoga is known as vimala yoga .
The person with vimala yoga will be able to save the spending ,spend little .

We know sage parashara din’t mention this yoga because that was the different era and the reason being is that evolution ,society dynamics has been changed over the time ,in this kalyuga era .


However, I have mention vipareet raj yoga in general terms result can vary as per individual horoscope ,how much vipareet raj yoga is strong it will depend on sign in which planet is sitting ,debilitated ,enemy sign ,exalted sign and and house lord condition ,despositor,conjunctions,depends on individual chart are some factors affecting the vipareet raj yoga . The most powerful besides from all the above vipreet raj yoga is house lord in same house ,it will protect the karakattwa of that house .

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