Maran karak awastha of planets in astrology

Maran karaka sthan of planet is the place where it lose all it’s strength work very bad ,weak and cause suffering to a person,planet become extremely weak there ,so as a result unable to provide good result planet have their natural signification like Sun is father ,authority , moon is mother ,emotions,home,happiness ,mars is willpower,courage,strength,anger, mercury is intelligence ,logic ,reasoning , jupitar is wisdom,luck,wealth,gains ,progeny ,venus is luxury ,comfort, happiness,relationship, Saturn is work ,hardwork,miseries,sorrow ,Rahu is illusion,materialistic desire,lust,cheta,fraud, so according to the maran karaka theory planet lose it’s significance and give problems regard to it’s significations or it will give result after losing it’s signification we can say .

Let’s see Maran karaka sthan for planet in horoscope

Sun , 12th house – Sun is authority,soul,kingly status ,creativity and 12th house is moksha ,loss,renunciation so king never want to want to give up his kingdom so Sun is not that happy in 12th house ,12th house is the house of bed pleasure and sex where venus gets exalted and Sun is the protector of Dharma ,the main job is Sun is to perform it’s duty and protect the dharma,that is why Sun gets debilitated in Libra.

Moon ,8th house– Moon is our mind and emotions and 8th house is occult,sex,ups and downs ,anxiety ,stress ,death,darkness,so moon get so sensitive and uncomfortable in 8th house ,8th house is also house of scorpio in kaal purush kundli where moon gets debilitated ,as a result moon is not happy in 8th house.

Mars,7th house– Seventh house is the house of business,relationship,partnership,sex and mars is aggression ,fight ,courage, so mars become so uncomfortable with business and love with fight ,aggression in the seventh house as a result not happy in seventh house .

Mercury,7th house – Mercury is a neutral planet neither male nor female and it’s a prince and seventh house is relationship so mercury is not matured enough to understand the relationship as a result mercury is not happy in seventh house .

Jupitar, 3rd house – Third house is the house of courage and mars is the karaka of third house and jupitar is higher knowledge,wisdom ,learning so jupitar doesn’t like to be a aggressive learner,aggressive preacher. Jupitar is jiva karaka giver of life and mars is mrityu karaka giver of death so jupitar gets ineffected there at 3rd house of horoscope,that’s is why jupitar gets debilitated where mars gets exalted.

Venus,6th house– Six house is the house of disease,debt,enemies and venus is happiness,pleasure ,enjoyment ,luxury ,comfort .six house is the house of service and day to day work and activity and venus doesn’t like to be in all that things related to job n work ,doesn’t like enemies,debt and disease because it’s karaka of love .six house is also natural house of Virgo in kalpurush kundli where venus gets debilitated.

Saturn,1st house– first house is our health,intelligence,vitality,creativity,fortune and Saturn is the karaka of miseries,misfortunes,obstacles so Saturn is not comfortable in first house because first house is our overall health and when person faces health problems Saturn gives delay in health recovery and karakattwa related to first house and Saturn,Saturn push a person towards huge and early responsibility which cause stress and anxiety .first house in kaal purush kundli is the house of Aries in which Sun gets exalted which is the great enemy of Saturn where it gets debilitated .

Rahu,9th house-Ninth house is the house of dharma , higher education, and rahu is illusion,cheat ,fraud,desires,lust,tabboo breaker and rahu is adharmik ,doesn’t like religious places and dharma ninth house is the house of Sagittarius in kal purush kundli where it gets debilitated .

Note– So what does maran karak sthan of planet indicates does it really bad ,not necessary though ,there are multiple factors should be seen like,aspects,malefic planets ,benefic planets,exaltation,debilitation,affliction to the planets,conjunction ,shadbal,planet status in divisional charts then we can conclude that planet is not good enough to give the results.

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