Maturity age of planets in astrology

A very important timing system in Vedic Astrology, before studying a more complex prediction system is when planets and houses give their maturity effects. The planets are more significant in this regard. At a certain age a planet will mature. The full potential of the planet will be able to manifest at that time. Whatever a planet promises in the chart, depending on other factors will be clearly visible in a person’s life at that age.

Jupiter’s maturity age 16th year, will often give some special opportunities, wealth, or higher learning (Jupiter’s natural significations) and whatever else it indicates in the chart.

Sun’s maturity age 22nd year, will bring out the person’s underlying tendencies to the fore, and if well placed is an important time for professional advancement, along with whatever else Sun indicates in the chart.

Moon’s maturity age 24th year, will show some psychological
maturity. Whatever else the Moon indicates in the chart will
come to the fore.
Venus maturity age 24th year. As a natural significator of love a
person will generally expect some romance even marriage in
their life, if supported by the main horoscope. Venus will also
give the effects of its chart placement.

Mars maturity age 28th year, will see a person developing more i
nitiative and independence in their life. Mars will also give the
effects of its chart placement.

Mercury’s maturity age 32nd year, will see more intellectual development and important communication activities taking place. Mercury will also give the effects of its chart placement.

Saturn’s maturity age 36th year, can usher in important changes. A person may experience some form of upheaval or find more security and stability in their life. Whatever a person has been working hard towards in the house that Saturn occupies, will start to give its full results at this age.

Rahu’s maturity age 42nd year, can make one more focused on the opportunities for growth that Rahu signifies in the chart.

Ketu’s maturity age 48th year, is an important time for introspection and reflection on how one has developed up till now in their lives. It can be an important spiritual turning point.

If a planet is afflicted in a chart, when it reaches maturity the full negative potential of that planet will be able to manifest. As an example, if Saturn were badly placed in the 4th house of a horoscope, at the age of 35 a person will have some kind of emotional crisis or difficulties with property matters. Saturn is sure to show its more negative inherent traits such as obstacles, delays, miserliness, over attachment and poverty.

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