Shubh muhurt for marriage in astrology

There are only eleven Nakshatra among twenty eight Nakshatra, favorable Akshaya Tritiya Tithi and auspicious Dev Uthani Ekadashi Tithi which commences in October or November every year, are generally considered auspicious (shubh) for deciding Shubh Muhurat for marriage in Indian Vedic astrology. However, there are some unfavorable Nakshatra, Tithi, period during Venus and jupitar in combustion or other Ashubh yoga period,which should be avoided for marriage in Vedic astrology. First quarter (charana) of Magha and Moola and the last quarter of Revati are considered Gand Mool nakshatra, should be avoided for the auspicious marriage Muhurata.

The presence of any one of all the three Uttara Nakshatras is considered auspicious day for all the auspicious events. Some astrologers believe that Uttara Phalguni nakshatra should be avoided.
Pushya is inauspicious for marriage, though it is believed to be most auspicious Nakshatra for all events.
If necessary, marriage can be performed during auspicious Navaratri days.

Abhijit nakshatra, lies from 6.40’ to 10.53’.20 in Capricorn i.e. last quarter of Uttara Ashadha and first 1/15th part of Shravana, is also considered auspicious for marriage ceremony, but if falls on a Wednesday, should be avoided.

Abhijit Muhurta:

Abhijit means victorious, Muhurta or Muhurtha means auspicious moment; anything done during this time ensures victory. Abhijit Muhurta, an important time is one of the simplest methods to select an auspicious time for performing any important event or ceremony, like engagement or marriage, without any calculation of Tithi or Nakshatra. If Abhijit Muhurta falls on a Wednesday, performing of the auspicious events should be avoided.

The list of Nakshatra Suitable for marriage in Vedic astrology is as follows:

Magha 1st charana should be avoided.
Uttara Phalguni
Moola 1st charana should be avoided
Uttara Ashada
Uttara bhadrapada
Revathi last charana should be avoided.
Abhijit (lies between Uttara Ashadha and Shravana)

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