Bhrigu bindu in Astrology

Bhrigu bindu is special point in our horoscope can be in any house or rashi in our natal chart, Bhrigu Bindu came in picture when Late shri C.S Patel sahab wrote about it in one of his books of Nadi Astrology-This origin is in Dev Keralam.Chandra kala nadi.

Bhrigu bindu is the mid point between Rahu and Moon i.e. so Half of the difference between longitudes of Rahu and moon.

Read it carefully if find it confusing then read it over and over again until you get irritated.

eg. suppose a person have Scorpio ascendent Rahu in fourth house in Aquarius 316 degree and moon in Libra 184 degree, so the question is how 316 and 184 degree ? right , Actually Rahu in Aquarius 16 degree and when we count Aries to Aquarius,

How much distance Rahu has crossed from Aries, Aries +Taurus +Gemini +Cancer+ Leo Virgo +Libra +Scorpio+ Sagittarius+ Capricorn and finally stops on 16 degree Aquarius so each sign is 30 degree long so the length Aries to Capricorn is 300 degree and now 16 degree Aquarius so add 16 to 300, 316 degree Aquarius so here is the Longitudes 316 degree Aquarius. Same way Moon is 184 degree(Longitude) libra actual moon is 4 degree Libra and Aries to Virgo 6 houses so 6*30, 180 degree and 4 degree Libra so 184 degree libra is moon Longitude, for longitude calculation we have to start from Aries onwards be it Rahu or other planet, now clear the Longitudes concept

Now as per the rules Bhrigu bindu = [{Rahu(Longitude) – Moon(Longitude)} /2]
132/2 = 66

So Bhrigu bindu is 66 Degree Longitude, Now where do 66 degree will fall, divide 66 degree into multiple of 30, 30+30+6 or divide 66 by 30 because one zodiac is 30 degree long

so 66/30 = 2.2 so 2.2 means greater than 2 and 2 means Aries +Taurus and Gemini or 30+30+6 Aries+Taurus+Gemini(6 degree)
So Bhrigu bindu = 6 degree In the sign of Gemini in Ardra Nakshatra

Question is here as to why the difference between the Longitudes of rahu and moon have taken why not their addition of Longitudes took, reasons is simple Rahu has got Retrograde motion always and moon has got Direct motion always so Rahu traverse in backward motion and moon traverse in forward i. e.

direct motion so we have taken difference, here difference mean whichever planet longitude is greater we need to subtract bigger longitude value from lower long.

value otherwise we will have a negative longitude which is nothing, not existing astrologically.

So Bhrigu bindu is 6 Degree Gemini in 8 house.

So what does it mean, what is the benefits of calculating this point, read the full article till the end you will get all your answers.

Hope it’s is clear

So still have doldrums in your mind, fed up of this boring and confusing manual calculation then go for J. Hora software it will calculate B.B. for u.

So the question is still there in our mind, what does Bhrigu bindu signifies to understand the bhrigu bindu we will have to understand the karma cycle which are our Prarabdh and Kriyamana karma out of Sanchita karna so what do they mean

Prarabdh Karma are those karma out of Sanchita Karma which we can’t escape in this life, These are karmik backlog from previous life which is left to be fulfilled in this life.

Sanchit Karma or accumulated karma is Store house of our Pending karmas from so many previous lives.

Kriyamana karma are very important type of karma which is nothing but a freewill that is to be added up in this life by person desires.

Bhrigu bindu is all about mixture of the above karma cycle.

Bhrigu bindu significance – The bhrigu bindu signifies our fortune point around which our whole destiny is to be revolved, now add more layer to destiny what are things that revolve around our destiny obviously Career, but it’s not limited upto the career it can be any auspicious event, ceremony or important thing and in other words this can be other way round too it can be malefic too as per malefic house or transit of malefic planet over bhrigu bindu.

Bhrigu bindu in kendra(quadrant) houses(1,4,7,10)indicates early success in life with less efforts.

Bhrigu bindu in Trikone(trinal) house indicates huge amount of luck, B. B. in trine house comes from a lot of practice, knowledge and intelligence.

Bhrigu bindu in dusthana houses (6,8,12) indicates Late success with huge amount of efforts in life.

B.B in 1st house indicates luck after self efforts.

B. B. in 2nd house indicates luck associate with family, wealth, education,singing banking and finance.

B. B. in 3rd house indicates luck through friends, network and circle, commerce, short travelling, siblings, painting, skills, travel, media, IT, computer, media and writing.

B. B in 4th house says luck is linked with home, mother, property, vehicle, education.

B. B in 5th house tells luck via creativity, intelligence, practice, learning, Astrology, mathematics, govt. ,natural ability, politics, script writing and spirituality.

B. B in 6th house come with efforts, Hardwork, job, day to day activities,service legal profession, servants, relative of maternal side, court, litigation and medical.

B. B. in 7th house indicates luck through spouse, relation, joint venture, business, marriage, promotion and union.

B. B in 8th house indicates Hard luck with extreme efforts,insurance, industry, politics, stress, medical, other wealth, moksha, unearned money occult, astrology, dowry.

B. B in 9th house having luck through higher learning, teaching, preaching, spirituality, dharma, politics, law, justice,long travelling, destiny, elderly figure.

B. B in 10th house says luck via Job, fame, politics Govt., father.

B. B in 11th house indicates luck with Friends circle, hopes and wishes, desires, money, earning, elder sibling, internet, science, space, technology, industry.

B. B in 12th indicates luck through MNcs, foreign, isolation, moksha, serving others, donations.

Activation of Bhrigu bindu –

Whenever we are going through mahadasha or antardasha of the lord of the sign in which bhrigu bindu falls it activates.
Transit of slow moving planet which are Rahu, ketu, Saturn, Jupiter over bhrigu bindu.

When Rahu transit over bhrigu bindu or aspect bhrigu bindu person have huge pending(prarabdh) karma vis a vis the house it transits person can feel huge transformation and changed in this span of time.

When Saturn transit over Bhrigu bindu or aspect person feel responsible to his duty towards life and gradually person start feeling his responsibilities and adding kriyamana karma to his life.

Ketu transit over B.B, person feel detached and go into isolation, face illusion and spirituality, kind-of detached from the world as a result person face prarabdh karma.

Jupitar transit over B. B indicates person will receive huge amount of will power, optimism person get ability to focus on things by which person add ups kriyamana karma to his life.

Bhrigu bindu according to Nakshatra –

If Bhrigu bindu falls in ketu nakshatra(ashwini, magha, moola) person destiny will be less of material oriented and hard work and more of a spiritual oriented like Serving to the humanity, moksha, daan, NGOs, healing, Astrology, tantra, mantra, meditation,doctor, surgeon,spiritual leader, saint, monk.

Bhrigu bindu comes under Venus nakshatra(Bharini, P. phalguni, P. ashada) then person destiny will be associated with materialism, wealth, acting, cinema, dance, happiness, romance marriage, spouse, union, relationship and business,property, house, luxury, vehicle,singing and dancing.,jewellery designing, fashion designing.

Bhrigu bindu in Sun nakshatra (Kritika, Uttar phalguni, U. ashada) person destiny will come from govt., authority, independence, royalty, talent confidence,grain, gold, father, judge,lawyer,politics, politician, medicines, surgeon , creativity.

Bhrigu bindu in Moon nakshatra (Rohini, shravana, Hast) person receives his destiny through skills, business, acting, creativity, hobbies, mother, arts, singing, navy, grocery, liquid, rice, General departmental store,cloths, hotel,silver,sailor.

Bhrigu bindu in Mars nakshatra (Mrigashirsha, Chitra, Dhanishtha) person will have fate through Engineering, defense, service, fire, construction, electrical engg., Police, dancing, modeling, designing, acting, music, artist, soldier warrior, surgeon, fire, fighting,oil, minning,Hardware sportsman and lands.

Bhigu bindu in Rahu nakshatra (Ardra, swati, shatabhisha) person will get his destiny through electronic, communication, space, Internet, technology, Science, radio waves, quantum physics, microwave, quantum mechanics, ethical hacking, cheating, frauds, theft, politics, marketing, communication, Healing, crude oil, butcher, astronomy, computer and IT, programming, coding, networking, criminal.

Bhrigu bindu in Jupiter nakshatra (Punarvasu, Vishakha, Purva Bhadrapad) person receives his luck via Knowledge, wisdom, classical music, folks, teaching, preaching, Spiritual healer, priest, brahaman, education, study, law, Judge, barrister.

Bhrigu bindu in Saturn nakshatra (Pushya, Anuradha, Uttara bhadrapada) person will have luck via Hardwork, Job , effort, karma, foreign, inheritance, friends, property, Engineering, machines, mechanical engg., automobile industry, minning, oil.

Bhrugu bindu in Mercury’s nakshatra (Aslesha, jyestha, revati) person receives luck through media, IT, software, journalism, commerce, accounts, psychology, spirituality, business, trade, import-export, tattoo artist, writer, banking, medical and medicines, Internet, documents.

Bhrigu bindu is imaginary point between rahu and moon so it is fully on subconscious and psychological level manifesting at physical level at time of activation.

At last we can say activation B. B indicates huge changes and transformation to person life, this can be both positive or negative totally depend on the house, sign, nakshatra, planetery relation.

These are very general points regarding Bhrigu bindu specific result can vary as per individual chart, planetery placement and a lot of things. which can be analyzed after full fledged horoscope reading.

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