Delay and problem in marriage in astrology

The marriage is the part and partial of our life. Hence, the timely marriage can make us not only happy but also it becomes easy to educate and settle our kids.

Astrological reasons for delay in marriage

As we know marriage is an important and sublime event in our life, it is always better to tie the knot at the right time. Sometimes, we put our effort heart and soul. However, the marriage remains a distant dream

Both boys and girls become frustrated since marriage is not taking place despite since effort. In fact, what are astrological reasons for delay in marriage.

The planets in the birth chart are the sole cause of late marriage. Every time we propose, but God disposes.

Now, I would like focus on the planetary reasons of delay in marriage. I have explained reasons of getting delayed in marriage.

Influence of weak,retrograde or planets in combustion, or planet in 7th house in a birth chart.

Lord of malefic houses in 7th, lord of 7th house placed in bad houses or malefic planet’s aspect on 7th house.

Connection of 7th house in a native’s 6th house 8th house and 12th house .
Saturn, Rahu, Mars or Sun due to their position in 7th house or they aspect 7th house.

Manglik dosha.

Seventh house hemmed between malefic planets like Rahu ,ketu,Saturn , mars, Sun.

Cancer and Leo ascendant , Seventh lord is Saturn .

Saturn moon conjunction especially in seventh house without benefic aspect of jupitar,venus.

Weak , afflicted moon by malefics like rahu ,mars ,Saturn .

Despositor of seventh house being retrograde .

Venus connection with Saturn ,Rahu ,ketu ,Sun
Venus and sun close conjunction especially Sun with higher degree
6th 8th and 12th lord dasha .

Influence of gandmool nakshatra ,esp seventh lord ,venus,moon connected with it .

More planets in seventh house esp. three planets in seventh house .

Heavily afflicted libra sign three or more planets esp. malefic in libra sign .
Saturn in seventh house with no benefic aspect .

Debilitated venus with afflictied with saturn, mars, sun or sitting with that planet .

Second (family),seventh(marriage n union) and eleventh(wishes) house supports marriage so there won’t be any malefic aspect and malefic planets related to that ,so less activation to that house could give hurdles in marriage.

First(12th from 2nd ) ,sixth(12th from 7th ) and tenth(12th from 11th ) house are not favourible for marriage rather it supports career so it will be beneficial for career , so more activation to that houses their lord and their dasha are not supportive for marriage.

Rahu with venus conjuction prone to love with intercast indicates problem and delay.

Mars and venus conjunction supports affairs and Love marriage too n possibly creates problem.

Affliction to venus and venus conjunction with malefic gives like Saturn, rahu,ketu ,mars gives scandal .

Combustion of venus could possibly creates hurdles to marriage .Venus presense in 6th , 8th and 12th houses and with their lord could create problems.

Retro jupitar ,combusted jupitar malefic jupitar ,retrograde jupitar in female chart could create problems.

Ketu in seventh house could cause probms.

Venus and ketu conjunction prone to delay and inconsistency.

Venus and sun conjunction could be seen to give separation tendency .

If seventh house having low ashtakvarga points .

Rahu ,ketu axis in first and seventh house could give trouble regarding marriage .

Low Points given by venus in bhinnashtak varga chart to the seventh house .

Having said that ,these are general points to see delay and problems in marriage ,result might altered as per benefic planetary aspect like jupitar aspect, venus aspect ,shadbal analysis of planet ,planets strength in divisional charts especially Navamsha chart (D-9), Strong planet in divisional chart gives strength to planet in lagna (D-1) chart ,result could vary according to individual chart of the native .

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