Lal Kitab Remedies (Upay)

  1. Don’t add any kind of addiction and intoxication. If you do, then give up.
  2. If you are doing interest, then leave.
  3. Stay holy on the days of Teres, Chaudas, Amavasya and Poornima.
  4. Keep good relations with grandmother, mother-in-law, mother, sister, daughter, wife, aunt, sister-in-law and aunt.
  5. Keep good relations with grandfather, father, father-in-law, brother, kaka, maternal uncle, nephew, brother-in-law, brother-in-law, nephew and brother.
  6. Abandon meat and vindictive food and stay away from negative thoughts.
  7. Before giving or taking, show your horoscope to the expert of any red book.
  8. Build the house according to Vastu and take care of cleanliness around it.
  9. Do all the remedies of red book in the day itself. Analyze your horoscope thoroughly before taking measures.
  10. Stay away from all kinds of tantric rituals and nightly deeds.

Hanuman Chalisa Reading: Hanuman Chalisa should be read daily with Sandhyavandan. Sandhyavandan is done in the morning or evening in the house or in the temple. Holy spirit and peacefully reciting Hanuman Chalisa gets the blessings of Hanumanji, which protects us from all kinds of unknown and unknown. While reading Hanuman Chalisa, Pitridosh, Mangaldosh, Rahu-Ketu dosha etc. are removed, while the evil effect or shadow of ghosts is removed.

Offer Hanumanji Chola: Apart from this you recite Bajrangban on Tuesdays and Saturdays and if possible, offer Chola to Hanumanji on any Saturday and also offer him a banarasi paan. Offer Hanumanji Chola at least 5 times, then you will get rid of the troubles immediately. Also, on Tuesday or Saturday, burn a lamp of flour on a leaf of agar and keep it in Hanumanji’s temple. Do this at least on 11 Tuesdays or Saturdays.

Feed food to cow, dog, ant and birds: tree, ant, bird, cow, dog, crow, mankind etc. It has been called ‘Vishva Deva Yagna Karma’, one of the Panchagya of the Vedas. It has been considered the greatest virtue. Feed turtles and fishes regularly with flour and ants should be fed with cooked flour mixed with roasted flour.

  • Paternity is satisfied by crows or birds ingesting grains daily.
  • By giving grain to ants daily, one gets relief from debt and crisis.
  • By feeding bread to the dog every day, accidental crises are avoided.
  • By feeding bread to the cow every day, the financial crisis is overcome.

Donate shade: Put mustard oil and coin (rupee-paisa) in a bronze bowl on Saturday and see its reflection in it and give it to the person who asks for oil or come to a Shani temple with a bowl with oil on Saturday. If you do this remedy at least five Saturdays, then your Shani suffering will be calmed and the grace of Shani Dev will begin.

Landing of Coconut: Take a watery coconut and attack it 21 times over it. After burning, go to a devasthan and burn it in fire. Such family members, who are in trouble, fight over him.

The above measures should be taken on any Tuesday or Saturday. 5 Saturday doing this will get rid of sudden suffering in life. If a member’s health is poor then this measure is best for him.

Water Arpan: Take water in a copper pot and add a little red sandalwood to it. Put that character at your head and sleep at night. After getting up in the morning, first offer that water to the basil plant. Do this for 43 days. Gradually, your problem will go away.

Apart from this, if you wish, keep a pot filled with milk and water at the head and sleep, and the next day put all the milk in the root of the kikar. Mentally, you will feel healthy and relaxed.

Get both ears pierced: In Hinduism, Karna is a rite of passage. However nowadays no one duly follows this rite. Some people pierce only one ear and some people pierce both ears. However, the rule is to pierce both ears. By piercing the ears, the ill effects of Rahu and Ketu are eliminated. Rahu and Ketu are the cause of sudden crises in life, so it is necessary to get ears pierced.

According to the scientist, blood is properly transmitted in the brain through this ritual. According to the belief, by spraying the ear, one develops as a person. This makes the eyesight sharp. Warming strength is better by piercing the ears, then there was a tradition in the olden times to get ears pierced before going to Gurukul.

Spray the nose: The lobe of the ear (lower part) and the left part of the nose are pierced. The nose is often pierced only by women. But if according to Lal Kitab, your Moon, Guru and Mercury are in bad condition and it is causing problems of employment, crisis on sister, crisis on mother etc. in your life, then it is advisable to get your nose pierced.

Experts of Lal Kitab give this opinion even when they are facing failure repeatedly in life. Men should also pierce their nose once and put silver wire in it for 43 days, this gives relief in the above problem. However, before piercing your nose, you must show your horoscope to the expert of a red book.

Donate blankets: This is the remedy for Rahu and Ketu, primarily responsible for the crisis. Black and white means that it should be both colors in the same blanket. There should not be any third color, that is, you should don the double-colored blanket 21 times by yourself and donate it to a temple or to the poor. There are many benefits from this.

Remedies for Mars: Ask a specialist of red book and apply white antimony in the eyes. In the running water, Revdiya, Betashe, honey and vermilion are shed. Fast on Tuesday and renounce anger.

Remedy for all planets:. Sun- Shed good, copper or copper coin in running water. Lunar- Put milk or water filled pot at the head and sleep and put all the water in the root of the keeper the next day. Tue- White antimony applied in the eyes, Revdiya, Betashe, honey and vermilion in flowing water. Mercury – Donate green clothes and green chudiya to girls, keep teeth clean.

Guru– Apply sandalwood or saffron tilak on the forehead, offer water to the root of peepal, donate gram dal.

Venus– Donate jowar, Chari, Ghee, Karpur, Curd and use aromatic substances.

Saturn– Tooth the keeper, add oil to the roots of the trees.

Rahu– Wash barley with milk and pour it in running water, donate radish or drain in flowing water, keep a silver pill in your pocket.

Ketu – Black and white sesame water in flowing water.

Burning of Karpoor: In the morning and evening of the house, burn Karpoor at the time of conciliation. There is a tradition in Hindu religion to burn Karpoor after Sandhyavandan, Aarti or prayer and take Aarti. Karpoor is said to have special importance in religious works, such as worship, aarti, etc. Burning karpur before sleeping at night is even more beneficial. This leads to deep sleep without stress.
To erase Vastu defects: Karpoor is very important to erase Vastu defects in the house. If stairs, toilets or gates have been constructed in the wrong direction, then keep 1-1 cup of Batti everywhere. Karpoor kept there will miraculously remove Vastu defects.

Cremation Solution: If you are struggling with crises, you are repeatedly surrounded by one crisis after another, then while returning from the crematorium in some funeral procession, come back throwing some coins.

Forgiveness from Mata Kalika Mata: If you are struggling with any mental discord, stress or trouble, then go to the temple of Mata Kalika on Friday and ask for forgiveness of all your known and unintentional sins committed by her and never do any bad deeds again. Make a promise Keep in mind, do only if you can keep the promise, otherwise you may get into trouble. If you do this on Friday, then immediately your crisis will be over.

11 or 21 Friday go to the temple of Kalika and offer prasad by offering coconut, necklaces and flowers as per your capacity. Mata Kalika can also be worshiped by offering red kumkum, akshat, red flowers of jaggery and red cloth or chunari. You can also offer sweets made from halwa or milk in bhog. If the mother is worshiped with full devotion, then all your wishes can be fulfilled. If the mother becomes happy, then with the blessings of the mother, your life becomes very happy.

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