Gandmool nakshatra in vedic astrology

If a person is born in Ashwini Magha Moola Ashlesha jyestha and Revati nakshatra i.e. if a person Moon in a natal chart placed in these nakshatras or persons mahadasha starts with Ketu or mercury then he is said to have borned in Ganda moola nakshatra .
these nakshatras lies with in the boundary of water to fire sign which is extremely powerful and that is why planet lies there with in the earlier degree (0 deg to 3 deg and 27 deg to 30 deg) is extremely powerful and that degress is known as Gandanta .

GandMoola effects

Ashwini – 1st pada: Bad deeds from a past life tend to make this quarter’s effects inauspicious. There are problems for the father as well.

2nd pada: The native will live a happy life.

3rd pada: High status in society, cooperation from friends, and may travel in adulthood.

4th pada: Good fortune for the native. Gifts from the government, and minor health problems may occur.

Magha: 1st pada – Problems for the mother.

2nd pada: Problems for the father

3rd pada: This quarter is considered auspicious and the effects last throughout life.

4th pada: Wealth for the native, the native will be educated well, and there is stability in the profession of the native.

Moola: 1st pada – Father witnesses changes in his life when the child is born. These may be positive or negative.

2nd pada: Problems arise for the mother.

3rd pada: Loss of wealth, deprivation of property and money may occur for the native.

4th pada: A great loss happens at least once for the native. Shanti pooja will give the native an average result to balance the effects of this quarter.

Mercury Gand Mool: Ashlesha, Jyeshta, Rewati

Ashlesha: 1st pada: Loss of wealth for the native or the parents of the native.

2nd pada: Problems for brothers and sisters. The native, in adulthood, may work to destroy brothers and sisters.

3rd pada: Problems for the native’s parents.

4th pada: Monetary loss and health problems indicated for the father of the native.

Jyeshta: Inauspicious nakshatra due to past life

1st pada: Inauspicious for elder brothers and sisters.

2nd pada: Inauspicious for younger brothers and sisters. Health problems and other issues arise for them.

3rd pada: Inauspicious for the mother.

4th pada: Troubles for the native. Many obstacles, but they can be overcome by hard work. Many struggles.

Rewati: 1st pada: Happy and successful native. Respect comes from society.

2nd pada: Native lives a royal life; is appreciated for hard work, intelligence, and dedication; and promotion comes through profession because of the aforementioned qualities of the person.

3rd pada: The native earns lots of wealth and may stand to lose that which the native gains.

4th pada: Problems for the parent’s of the native. Problems may arises for self which are created from the native. Many struggles in life for both are possible.

Powerful and dangerous gandmool nakshatra– jyestha, moola (Gandanta)

Light and soft gandmool nakshtra– Ashwini, revati


Born in Ganda Mool Ashwini, Mool, or Magha: Regularly worship Lord Ganesha, donate brown clothes or cat’s eyes on Wednesday or Thursday. Hoist flags in the temple. Shanti pooja should be performed on 27th dayafter the birth of the child, and the father should not see the baby’s face until the Shanti pooja is performed.

Born in Ganda Mool Ashlesha, Jyeshta, and Rewati: Donate green vegetables, coriander, emerald, brown utensils, and amla on Wednesday. Shanti pooja should be performed on the 37th day after birth of the child, but could be performed on the 10th or 19th day also. If is not possible to do, then perform Shanti pooja when the moon returns to the nakshatra position at birth.

Note- However these are very specific behaviour of gandmool nakshatra ghe result can vary as per nakshatra lord placememt it’s lordship, affliction on nakshatra, affliction to it’s despositor, whether it’s despositor placed in malefic house or conjunct with malefic planets or malefic planets (mars, rahu, saturn, ketu) sitting in gandmool nakshatra at gandanta very early n last degree between watery n firey sign, there are lots of factor to analyse the severity of gandmool nakshatra we can’t jump to the conclusion of the result of gandmool nakshatra.

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