Punarphoo Dosha in astrology

Punarphoo Dosha

Whenever Saturn and Moon are conjunct or opposite to each other in a chart then this yoga known to be Punarphoo Dosha.
Whenever person has this combination in his chart then it indicates delay of the things because of the fact that moon is fast moving planet and saturn is slow moving planet as a result saturn slow down the emotions of moon, we know wherever saturn sits in the chart it slow down the karakattwa of that house same way if any planet in conjunction with saturn then it influence that planet a lot and as we know saturn is the great enemy of moon,as per some vedic scholars when this yoga formed in a person’s chart it indicates delay in marriage, marriage problem, denial of marriage, break in marriage but not only marriage aspect rather any aspect of the life.
Whenever astrologer do prashan chart reading and if punarphoo yoga is present at that moment of drawing prashan chart then it denys the things, delay the matter amd moreover if marriage happens this day then there can be break in marriage in near future.

Result of Punarphoo Dosha

Headache, fear and anxiety are some of the results of Punarphoo Dosha.
Broken engagement.
Postphonement of marriage date, after it is fixed.
The spouse not being the first choice.
Delay while travelling to the Marriage place etc.

Avoiding Punarphoo Dosha –

Never do engagement or betrothal when Moon and Saturn are in same Sign or opposition Sign. Otherwise the relation will no longer be continued.
Don’t start a love relation.
Don’t take possession of new flat in Moon Saturn conjunction or opposition otherwise you shall have to shift the residence to other area.
Also try your best not to join new Job or start new Business on such Vish Yoga day.
Don’t purchase vehicle or any new electronic equipment/appliance or mobile, clothes etc on this day otherwise you will have to go to the shop back to change it due to some defect.
Don’t travel to meet anybody on such day. The person whom you want to meet will not be available and you shall have to come back.
Don’t keep meeting on Visha Yoga days in advance.You shall have to postpone it due to some reason.
Don’t commit a time to anybody. You will not reach in time due to traffic jam problems.
Flights trains buses will not run in time when Moon ( Speed ) is connected with Saturn ( Delay ).
There will be maximum traffic jam problems on roads

Cancellation of Punarphoo Dosha –

Whenever Jupitar and Sun sitting or aspecting the Saturn and Moon conjunction or sitting in the star of Saturn or Moon then they nullify the Punarphoo Dosha.

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