Panch mahapurush yoga in astrology

Whenever any of these five planets ,Mars ,mercury ,jupitar,venus and Saturn is placed in Kendra houses i.e. 1,4,7,10 in their sign of exaltation ,mool trikone or own sign then these yoga is known as PANCH MAHAPURUSH YOGA in astrology .

Classification of Panch mahapurush yoga –

Ruchaka yoga– When Mars is placed in exaltation(capricorn),mool trikona(Aries), and own sign(Scorpio) in Kendra houses(1,4,7,10) then It is known as Ruchaka yoga .

Bhadra yoga– when Mercury is placed in Virgo (it’s exaltation and mooltrikona ) and Gemini(it’s own sign) in Kendra houses then it is known as Bhadra yoga.

Hansa Yoga – When Jupitar is placed Cancer (it’s exaltation) , Sagittarius(it’s mooltrikona) and Pisces (it’s own sign) in Kendra then it is known as Hansa Yoga .

Malvya yoga – When Venus is placed in Pisces(it’s exaltation sign) or in Libra(it’s mooltrikona) or Taurus(it’s own sign) in Kendra houses then this Yoga is known as Malvya yoga.

Shasha yoga– When Saturn is placed in Libra(it’s exaltation sign),or in Aquarius(it’s mool trikone sign) or in Capricorn(it’s own sign ) then it’s known as Shasha Yoga .

Strength of Panch mahapurush Yoga –

When planet is in exaltation in Kendra then it’s most powerful panch mahapurush yoga.
When planet is in mool triokna sign in Kendra thens it is second most powerful panch mahapurush Yoga.
When planet is in own sign in Kendra then it is least powerful panch maha purush yoga .

Nullification of Panch Mahapurush yoga –

When planet is Exalted ,mooltrikone or in own sign in Malefic house (6,8,12).
Planet Conjunct with functional malefic or if functional malefic planet for that particular horoscope for that particular ascendant makes this Yoga have greater chances to be nullified .
If the planet is enemy to ascendant lord .
Planet which is forming panch maha purush yoga is afflicted by malefics.
Afflicted Moon or moon in malefic houses nullifies this yoga.
If a planet which is making panch maha purush yoga is in paap katri or surrounded by malefics.
If dispositor of planet which is making panch mahapurush yoga is weak,debilitated.
If planet is in bad dignity in divisional chart I.e esp Navamsha (D-9).
if planet is not with appropriate degree and proper nakshatra .

Impact and effect of panch maha purush yoga –

Ruchaka Yoga – Mars is our energy ,desire ,talent,blood flow ,courage,manipulative skills,convincing power,will power ,fighting ability our talent ,being independent ,commander in chief of all planets ,so the person having Ruchaka yoga will be blessed with all the above qualities due to that person is liked by most of the people around him,person will have abundance of wealth ,great health ,person get great success and huge fame throughout his life .

Bhadra yoga –Mercury is considered to be prince of all planets ,intelligence ,communication our nervous system,skin,logic ,reasoning ability,intestine,,stomach,marketing ,sales,journalism,media,document ,writing skills,business ,trading ,stock,sensex ,so the person having bhadra yoga will get great fame ,wealth in business ,communication and in all the above field .

Hansa Yoga– Jupitar is natural karak of wealth,family,wisdom ,children,skills,knowledge,liver ,veins,teacher,preacher,spirituality,dharma ,luck ,benevolence,kindness, so person having hansa panch mahapurush yoga will have great wealth ,health and wiil get good fame in respected field throughout his life .

Malvya yoga – Venus is considered as Shukracharya ,daitya guru,venus is beauty,love relationship,business,medicine,attraction,luxury,money,food,kidneys,urinary tract,hormones,semen,happiness,fashion,creativity,movie ,cinema,female,marriage,art,entertainment,material desire ,lust, so person having malvya yoga will get wealth,fame and name through these areas.

Shasha yoga– Saturn is karamadhipati ,natural karak for our work ,effort,hardwork,discipline,obstruction,delay ,chronic illness ,status,gains,oil,minning,machinery,engineering,technical,mass so person having shasha yoga will get fame ,name and success through hard work in his life .

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