Maraka planet in astrology

In simple words, maraka planets are lord of 2nd and 7th house and their lords are called as Markesh.In a horoscope, 8th house rules over the longevity of a person and 8th from 8th house is the 3rd house which also longevity of longevity.

Now 12th houses represent losses, from these two houses are 2nd and 7th house and that is why they are called as maraka houses.but we have to remember that if 8th house and lord is not in good dignity then it can also act as a first class maraka so to lessen the effect of maraka planet the 8th house and lord should be strong in addition to that 12th house is also have a say as 12th house represent moksha the final destination we can say in simple words exit, 12th house is 12th from the ascendent, ascendent is our body so 12th house represent loss so loss of our physical body.

However, the primary significator of Maraka are 2nd and 7th houses.

Now the planet which act as a maraka is Saturn if you have completed the span of your life then saturn take out the soul from your body leads to death of a person.
A maraka planet can kill someone especially when lifespan has completed mostly at old age.

When Maraka Dasha planets come in young age or when life span is still there then the maraka planet will not kill but will create health issues. Also, Marak planets effects should not be limited to health only and can also cause financial and relationship trouble.

Just like any other planet, Maraka planet shouldn’t be afflicted. It’s a general rule in astrology where an afflicted or weak planet can’t protect its significations and gives bad results whether it js exalted or debilitated, The Same way an afflicted and weak maraka planet can cause severe health issues during its period.

So the condition of maraka planet should be like, they should not be afflicted by sitting in malefic house or conjunct with malefic houses lord which 6th, 8th, 12th houses. Suppose maraka planet is afflicted by 6th lord or sitting with 6th lord then person will face health issue in dasha period of that planet, if maraka planet is sitting with 8th lord then problem may be worse in that case person may face chronic health issue in the dasha period of that planet. in case if maraka planet is sitting or afflicted by 12th lord then person can face relationship and financial trouble in his dasha period of that planet.

We can also say that if marak planet is debilitated, afflicted, paap katri, double maraka then we can say it may become dangerous in its dasha period and also if other planet placed in maraka house are capable enough to produce maraka effect especially malefic planets.

Maraka planet should not be afflicted by malefic planet especially by aspect, conjunction and housewise placement.
so we can say natural maraka planet are Saturn, Rahu, Mars, Ketu.

Maraka planet should not be conjunct in any house especially malefic houses.
Debilitated planet in malefic house should not placed in the nakshatra of maraka planet.

Important Note-

We are talking about maraka to such extent but result may be moderate to severe depends on various other things. there are hell lot of factors to look upon, relationship of maraka planet with ascendent lord, whether it is friend or enemy to the ascendent lord the results may vary as per planetery relationship, aspect on maraka lord suppose if maraka lord is getting aspect of natural benefic planet like jupitar then result may not be very bad, placement of maraka planet whether it’s in kendra or trine houses. dasha of the planet suppose if a person is going through Mahadasha of planet which is not maraka, i.e. yogkarak if yogkarak is in good dignity and if marak planet antardasha starts then it will not cause much harm to the native.

The despositor of maraka planet is extremely important so if despositor of maraka planet is exalted, friendly, or neutral sign or sitting in trine or kendra then it can reduce the effect of maraka planet in the chart. the navamsha position of the maraka planet, check the maraka planet in navamsha sign in lagna chart where its position comes in lagna chart. if maraka planet is retrograde it can reverse it result if in very bad dignity, placement of both maraka planet whether it is 6th and 8th position to each other, in kendra or trikone to each other.
Maraka planet for ascendent

Aries – For aries ascendent the second and seventh lord is venus so Venus is maraka planet for aries ascendent, so it should not be placed in malefic house like 6th,8th and 12th house, it should be free from affliction of malefic planet like rahu, ketu, saturn, mars, it should not be sitting with 6th,8th and 12th lord. suppose if venus is sitting with rahu for aries ascendent it may cause severe health, mental and relationship issue to the native, suppose if it is sitting with mars then it can cause health,love break, financial and relationship issues. if venus is sitting with mercury it can give multiple affairs to the person. Here Venus represent spouse, finance, speech, family, beauty, comfort, luxury, wealth, business, partnership, hormones, sperm, kidneys and spouse longevity.

Taurus – For taurus ascendent second lord mercury and seventh lord mars act as a maraka planet, so in taurus ascendent chart mars and mercury should not conjunct with each other especially in malefic house like 6th,8th and 12th house, mars and mercury are not supposed to sit with venus, jupitar, mars, saturn, rahu and ketu or they should not receive affliction from these planets for taurus ascendent Mars is extremely malefic because it rules 7th and 12th house, mercury is not extreme maraka for taurus people because it’s lord of 2nd and 5th house so because of being lord of 5th house it has benefic nature too, here for taurus ascendent people mars is also neutral to ascendent lord so this point will also be taken into consideration, mars should not be debilitated as mars represent energy, anger, enthusiasm, partner, loss, expense for taurus ascendent people, mercury represent finance, speech, skills, creativity, documents, longevity of spouse for taurus ascendent people.

Gemini– For gemini ascendent 2nd lord moon and 7th lord jupitar is maraka planet and both planets are enemy to ascendent but here jupitar is the lord of 7th and 10th houses so it’s not the fully maraka for gemini people, but here moon is 2nd lord is prabal maraka planet, moon is also very fast moving and sensitive planet so it should be free from malefic planets like rahu, ketu, mars and saturn, it should not sit in malefic house which are 6th,8th and 12th house and lord of these house moon should not be debilitated for gemini ascendent, the conjuction of Jupiter and moon is not that good for gemini ascendent if it placed in bad houses or receiving bad aspect. here moon represent wealth, family, mother, nourishment, emotions, speech and jupitar represents partner, relationship, spouse, marriage, wealth, luck and wisdom.

Cancer – For cancer ascendent people the 2nd lord sun and 7th lord saturn is maraka planet which are enemy to each other, saturn and sun both are strong malefic for cancer ascendent people, they should be well placed in chart suppose saturn and sun are placed in exalted sign, friendly sign, mool trikone sign, then will have less malefic nature in the chart, if saturn and sun conjunct in 6th,8th and 12th houses then it may give the worst result to the native. here sun is the lord of government, finance,speech, family, wealth, father, and saturn is the lord of relationship, business, hardship, longevity, occult, spouse. of saturn is badly placed then there can be problem in marriage, delay and denial are possible. saturn is extremely bad for cancer ascendent people as it is enemy to ascendent lord and lord of 7th and 8th house.

Leo– For leo ascendent people the 2nd lord mercury and 7th lord saturn are maraka planets, they should not be conjunct in malefic houses, here saturn is also lord of 6th house so this indicates troubled marriage and relationship if saturn is not well placed, here saturn represent partner, marriage, business, job, disputes, conflicts, legal issues, low profile people, servant, pets and mercury represent speech,business communication, wealth, family. mercury is the lord of 2nd and 11th house very good for finances, earning, money, friends, network circle if placement of mercury is good in chart. here mercury being lord of 2nd and 11th is not that strong marka for leo people.

Virgo– For Virgo ascendent the 2nd lord venus and 7th lord jupitar is maraka planet but here venus is the lord of 2nd and 9th house so it’s not strong maraka for virgo people, jupitar being the lord of 4th and 7th house also not stong maraka for virgo people. here venus represent wealth, family, speech, communication, spouse, luck, higher education, dharma, spirituality and jupitar represent home, family, mother, happiness, education, partner, business, spouse, wealth, luck. so if both planets are badly placed im chart they can influence their natural karakattwa and house karakattwa they represent. However, both planet should be free from malefic aspect, malefic house placement, Debilitation .

Libra – For libra ascendent people the the 2nd lord and 7th lord mars act as a maraka planet, mars should not be debilitated for libra people or afflicted with rahu, ketu, saturn. if mars placed im 6th, 8th and 12th house then it can make life hell. here mars represent partner, business, wealth, speech, family, spouse. if mars is placed with saturn in malefic house with malefic aspect then it can give so much struggle to the person. mars is also neutral to ascendent lord venus but it can cause break in and love affairs and relationship. it may give financial issues, speech issues, drinking and smoking habit to the person.

Scorpio – For scorpio ascendent people the 2nd lord jupitar and 7th lord venus act as a maraka planet both are enemy to each other but one is neutral and other is friendly to the ascendent, her also jupitar is lord of 5th house so jupitar is not strong maraka untill it is weak, afflicted, debilitated, in enemy house but here venus is thr lord of 7th and 12th house if venus makes connection with mercury, rahu, saturn and ketu then it may cause trouble to the native, like health, finance, marriage and career issue to the native, for scorpio ascendent people saturn, mercury, rahu are also enemies to the ascendent so these planet should be free from any affliction received by these malefic planets. here jupitar represent wealth, family, luck, spirituality, knowledge, speech and venus represent partner, spouse, business foreign travelling, loss, medicine, isolated places.

Sagittarius – For Sagittarius ascendent the 2nd house lord saturn and 7th house lord mercury is the marka planet so they should not be conjunct, badly placed or afflicted by malefics. here saturn represents family, wealth, hardship, poverty and mercury represent communication, spouse, relationship, partner. here moon is also 8th lord is the malefic planet for Sagittarius ascendent people. saturn is also 2nd and 3rd lord make it bit strong maraka so saturn can make some karmik relation with siblings, in laws and husband. mercury being the 7th and 10th lord rules so not that big maraka.

Capricorn – For capricorn ascendent 2nd lord saturn and 7th lord moon are marak planets both planet should be taken into consideration as both are enemy to each other, moon is strong maraka for capricorn ascendent people, so moon should be in good dignity, it should be free from Debilitation and affliction. here saturn represent family wealth, native himself, speech, food habits, and moon represent spouse, business, partnership. for capricorn ascendent saturn and moon should not be conjunct especially in 8th, 6th and 12th house if they conjunct then it can cause severe health issue, depression, relationship and marriage trouble.

Aquarius– For Aquarius ascendent people the 2nd lord jupitar and 7th lord sun act as a maraka planet, however both are friendly to each other if conjunct then may not cause such problem to the person but in case if malefic house placement and affliction, jupitar is also the 11th lord so it indicates strong wealth yoga too if positively placed. sun is strong maraka for aquarius ascendent people as it has enemity with ascendent lord saturn, if it come in contact with malefic planets or house without having a benefic aspect it can do damage to the native, especially for marriage propspects it can be harmful. here jupitar indicates family, wealth, friends, network and circle, expansion and sun represent spouse, partnership, authority, father, business.

Pisces – For pisces ascendent people the 2nd lord mars and 7th lord mercury are maraka planets as they have enemity with each other so they should better not to conjunct with each especially in 8th house, mars is also the 9th lord if luck, higher learning, dharma so mars is not that strong maraka until it is afflicted, debilitated or badly places, mercury being also the 4th lord will not act as full maraka until it is in bad dignity and also mars is friendly to ascendent lord jupitar and mercury is enemy of ascendent lord so here mercury will act as strong maraka planet. here mars represent family, wealth, spouse longevity, speech, food habits and mercury represent communication, business, document, spouse, partnership.

So these are very general rule to analyse the maraka planet, result can vary and different as per planet karakattwa and placement, these planets not only represent us, they can also represent other people in family. It is not necessary that maraka planet trouble you always or in early part of life they can activate as your grow older and older with the time especially in old age

there are plenty more concept to this maraka theory so don’t jump into the conclusion like the despositor of maraka planet, the dispositor nakshatra placement of maraka planet, despositor exaltation and Debilitation.

Saturn in vedic astrology is natural maraka planet and on the other side nodes rahu, ketu and mars are maraka planet too which can damage instantly, which can cause unnatural damage, they are not restricted to age if they are malefic in chart.
Hope you enjoyed reading my unique point of view of maraka planet, i will keep researching like this.
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