Importance of Navamsha chart and its calculation rule

We will discuss here how to calculate navamsha chart from birth chart, the the question arises what is navamsha so navamsha is the 9th division of the birth chart let’s say you have birth chart and that contains 12 zodiac and each zodiac is having 30 degrees long so when we divide this 30 degree into 9 parts what we will get 3 degree 20 minutes so this 3 degree 20 minutes assign to each rashi and house of navamsha, so we can say that in navamsha the house is 3 degree 20 minutes long so the total navamsha is of 40 degrees as we have the lagna chart 360 degree so what is the navamsha this is really important question?

navamsha hold too much importance it’s the soul of our birth(lagna) chart with the help of navamsha we can check the strength of the planet in lagna chart, yes it gives internal strength to planet in D-1 chart let’s say if the planet is debilitated in D-1 chart and if it is exalted in Navamsha chart then the planet is receiving strength from the same planet in navamsha chart as a result it’s receiving neech bhanga raj yoga. if planet in Navamsha is in same sign as in lagna chart then it is said to be Vargottam planet which has got tremendous positive strength so many astrologer only use navamsha for prediction according to vedic jyotish scholars navamsha is also seen for marriage point of view, spouse nature, spouse personality, the native internal strength,purpose of life. there are various concept in navamsha like Vargottam navamsha, pushkar navamsha, 64- navamsha, rashi tulaya navamsha, navamsha tulya rashi we will discuss it all in other article.

so in this article we will see how to calculate navamsha chart manually from lagna chart.

Navamsha calculation rule

cardinal sign(1,4,7,10) starts from the sign itself in navamsha, suppose aries sign first navamsha will have aries sign, second navamsha will have taurus.. and so on
cancer sign start with cancer and first navamsha cancer then leo and so on…
capricorn – capricorn
above rest of rule will be same as above… Libra and capricorn

Suppose a person is having mars(or any planet) is 2 degree 20 minute in aries so where does 2 degree 20 minute fall in first navamsha as we know rashi chart is having nine portion so nine navamsha 3 degree 20 minute each so 2 degree 20 minute will fall in first navamsha and we have a rule that cardinal sign starts from its own sign, if aries then we will start counting with aries so aries is the first navamsha, taurus is the second navamsha and so on so mars in aries in first navamsha will go on aries navamsha so it mars will be in aries in navamsha chart. suppose if mars is 5 degree 15 minutes in aries so mars is in second navamsha of aries in lagna chart so as we know for cardinal sign start from the sign itself so aries first navamsha, taurus second navamsha so mars will be in Taurus in navamsha chart.

so what we can understand by navamsha chart mars in aries in lagna but mars in taurus in navamsha so mars will give result of both aries and taurus, aries result from outside and taurus result from inside so person will have both flavour of aries which are aggressive, bold, sharp, energetic and taurus which are materialistic, grounded, stable because despositor of mars in navamsha become venus.

Dual sign ( 3,6,9,12)- start from 5 sign from it.
let say, gemini lagna then first navamsha (0 to 3deg20′) will be libra, second navamsha scorpio and so on
virgo- starts with capricorn, first navamsha capricorn, second aquarius
Sagittarius – start from aries, first navamsha aries then taurus and so on
pisces – cancer, first navamsha cancer, second leo, third virgo.

Suppose a planet jupitar is sitting 3 degree 15 minute in gemini so 3 degree 15 minute is first navamsha and dual sign start fifth sign from it so what is fifth sign of gemini libra so libra is first navamsha, scorpio is the second navamsha do 3 deg 15′ comes in first navamsha so jupitar will be in libra in navamsha chart
Fixed sign- (2,5,8,11)

starts from 9 sign from it.
say taurus start from capricorn first navamsha, second navamsha aquarius…. n so on
leo- aries first navamsha, taurus second navamsha and so on
scorpio – cancer first then leo…. n so on
Aquarius – libra first navamsha , scorpio second navamsha so on

say planet mercury is 7 degree 40′ in scorpio in lagna chart so 7 deg 40′ is third navamsha and scorpio sign is fixed sign so we will start counting ninth sign from scorpio so what is ninth sign it’s cancer so cancer is first navamsha, leo is second navamsha, virgo is third navamsha so mercury will fall in virgo in navamsha chart. mercury will have both quality of scorpio and virgo, scorpio from outerside, how people will see him and virgo is his inside traits so from outside he will be like curious, inquisitive mysterious, secretive, interested in occult and psychology and from inside he will have logical mind, reasoning ability, analytics, he will be of critical nature from inside.

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